Proflex Technologies

3 way adjustable shock absorber

R.Tec Suspension is the official technical center and distributor in Belgium

What is a Proflex damper ?

Gas monotube shock absorber characterized by the adjustment cylinder.
3 way adjustable shock absober : rebound, compression high and low speed.
 Can fit on any vehicle. Dimension on request.
The separated adjustment bottle : keep the oil and gas far from any heat source.
Same behaviour in any conditions.

Proflex settings

Proflex type :

- Use with OE topmount
- Adjustment bottle next to the wheel
- Rotating banjo
- Sold with hiqh quality aluminium topmount
- Adjustment bottle in the engine room
- NMB unibal
- Use with OE topmount
- Adjustment bottle in the engine room
- Rotating banjo
- Sold with steel topmount
- Adjustment bottle in the engine room
- Basic low quality unibal

Proflex Option : hydraulic bumpstop

Unlike the lonely elastomer bumpstop, the hydraulic bumpstop added to the elastomer can offer a damping that will absorb progessively any shock without making the vehicle bouncing.

Helpful for bumpy races or for run with a lot of cut.

Proflex Option : Lower bearing

Proflex patent that :

Reducing the Mc Pherson friction
Offering more traction

Proflex Option : Service box Proflex

The service Box includes the Mc Pherson servicing elements :

Liquid grease bottle and lubrification material
Guiding bearing
3 mm Allen key to adjust the rebound and for the Mc Pherson greasing screw
Seals for the up Mc Pherson part
Different camber shim (if the camber can be adjusted)

Proflex Option : Long reservoir

The long reservoir offers a bigger oil volume.
Used for high requested dampers or dampers with a lot of clearance.

Application : rally, rallycross, offroad, autocross, ...