R.Tec is the sole SADEV Belgium distributor

You can find below, prices and technical information or drawings for every Sadev transmission used for many race type like 2 or 4x4, circuit, 4x4, hillclimb, rallyraid, ... Those prices do not include gear lever, displays, ... !

​SADEV 2WD transveres

Sadev ST7514

Sadev ST8214

Sadev ST8217

Sadev ST9014
​SADEV 2 and 4 WD transaxle

Sadev SL7514LW

Sadev SL8214 ACCESS



Sadev SCL9020

Sadev SL9020

Sadev SCL9024

Sadev SL9023

Sadev SC9020

Sadev SC9020/150

Sadev SC9024/170

Sadev SLR9020