Le parfait "ressenti de suspension" pour toutes les Porsche MACAN

Bilstein standard avec ou sans réglage électronique

The perfect “suspension feeling” for all Porsche Macan: BILSTEIN standard replacement parts with and without DampTronic®

Whether with conventional shock absorbers, air suspension, with PASM electronic shock absorber adjustment or without, the agile Macan transports the legendary Porsche driving experience into the SUV class. To ensure it stays this way even after many years, BILSTEIN offers the ideal standard replacement components for all suspension versions, whereby all functions of an installed PASM are retained. Plug-and-play makes installation easy and saves time. If customers want even more agility with the Porsche Macan, the specialist company from Ennepetal now offers a high end coilover suspension.

BILSTEIN B4 standard replacement shock absorbers will be available in September for all Porsche Macan cars with conventional “steel suspension” supplied without PASM. They offer the best OE quality and will soon be available in the DampTronic variant for vehicles with active shock absorber control.

BILSTEIN B6 gas-pressure shock absorbers for vehicles without PASM are also new for the Macan, offering optimum performance and long term quality as improved replacements for standard parts. They had already been available as DampTronic variants. From towing trailers to frequent journeys with heavy loads, both products are ideal. In addition, BILSTEIN will offer corresponding parts for the Porsche Macan with standard air suspension in the near future.

If more is required than maintaining the status quo, the new high end coilover suspension B16 is ideal for the Macan with steel shock absorbers. It can be ordered in a conventional variant or as a BILSTEIN B16 DampTronic for vehicles with standard PASM. The tenfold adjustment option of bump and rebound stage, many lightweight components, and the adjustment range that is suitable for approval are a dream. This means no new approval is required in case of changes.





BILSTEIN B16 DampTronic


BILSTEIN B4 DampTronic

  • Article number: 23-245891 FA, RRP: 755.00 euros excl. VAT
  • Article number: 20-245900 RA, RRP: 643.00 euros excl. VAT

BILSTEIN B4 air suspension module

  • Article number: 45-249907 FA, RRP: 650.00 euros excl. VAT
  • Article number: 40-249841 RA, RRP: 390.00 euros excl. VAT
    (BILSTEIN B3 air spring)
  • Article number: 20-245900 RA, RRP: 643.00 euros excl. VAT
    (BILSTEIN B4 DampTronic)


BILSTEIN B6 DampTronic

  • Article number: 23-246157 FA, RRP: 957.00 euros excl. VAT
  • Article number: 20-246167 RA, RRP: 811.00 euros excl. VAT

Photograph: Copyright BILSTEIN 2016. Reprinting free of charge with reference to the source “BILSTEIN”. We look forward to receiving a specimen copy.